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Monday, June 15, 2015

YASSI PRESSMAN: Beautiful and Fit

YASSI PRESSMAN: Beautiful and Fit

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Life and Style Weekend with RCBC

A Life and Style Weekend with RCBC

RCBC, RCBC Bankard, It Girls, Joanna Day, Azusa Masu, Emmalyn Morcoso, Finalists, RCBC Life & Style Weekend It Girl, Mango,Angelica Corporal, Irene Taylo, Dong Olmedo, Dariella Cabrera, Michael O. De Jesus, Shiela Marcelo, Joee Guilas, Maria Monica Ortiz, Viktoria Acosta

I was invited at the fun fun Sunday event of "RCBC Life and Style Expo" at the Midtown Atrium of Robinsons Place Manila last June 7, 2015. The three day event was a huge success.

RCBC, RCBC Bankard, It Girls, Joanna Day, Azusa Masu, Emmalyn Morcoso, Finalists, RCBC Life & Style Weekend It Girl, Mango,Angelica Corporal, Irene Taylo, Dong Olmedo, Dariella Cabrera, Michael O. De Jesus, Shiela Marcelo, Joee Guilas, Maria Monica Ortiz, Viktoria Acosta

RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank, and RCBC Bankard held not only an expo but also a WISE Kids and Teens Fashion Show showcasing the 2015 Spring/Summer Collection of Mango.

On the same day, the RCBC It Girls Next Generation Search was concluded with the presence of three of the RCBC It Girls themselves: Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza, and Liz Uy.

A fashion show and pageant featured the 2015 Spring/Summer collections of Mango and Dorothy Perkins, a UK based women’s fashion retail brand. 

Five special awards were given to lucky finalists as follows:

Mango’s It Girl Choice- Finalist # 4 Angelica Corporal

Award presented by: RCBC Bankard Services Corporation VP and Business Head for Co-brands/Partnerships & Corporate Initiatives Ms. Irene D. Taylo and Mango Stylist Mr. Dong Olmedo.

Prize: Php 5,000 worth of GCs

RCBC eWMN‘s It Girl Choice- Finalist # 2 Dariella Cabrera
Award presented by :RCBC National Corporate Banking Group Head and EVP Michael O. de Jesus.

Prize: Php 5,000 worth of GCs

The RCBC Smarter Choice award-- Finalist #23 Shella Marcelo

The RCBC Smarter Choice award-- Finalist #23 Shella Marcelo
Award presented by: RCBC Corp Comm Head Mr. Joee Guilas.

Prize: Php 5,000 cash

 RCBC Savings Bank’s Life Changing Girl Award- Finalist # 14 Maria Monica Ortiz Award presented by :RCBC Savings Bank First Vice President and Head of SME Business Development Division, Mr. Elmer

RCBC Savings Bank’s Life Changing Girl Award- Finalist # 14 Maria Monica Ortiz

Award presented by :RCBC Savings Bank First Vice President and Head of SME Business Development Division, Mr. Elmer M. Aquino

Prize: 5,000 cash

RCBC Bankard Diamond Girl Award- Finalist #7 Samantha Viktoria Acosta
Award presented by RCBC Bankard VP for Marketing -Ms. Angela Mirasol

Prize: Php 5,000 cash

RCBC, RCBC Bankard, It Girls, Joanna Day, Azusa Masu, Emmalyn Morcoso, Finalists, RCBC Life & Style Weekend It Girl, Mango,Angelica Corporal, Irene Taylo, Dong Olmedo, Dariella Cabrera, Michael O. De Jesus, Shiela Marcelo, Joee Guilas, Maria Monica Ortiz, Viktoria Acosta

RCBC IT Girls Next Generation- Finalists are the following candidates:

  •  # 4 Angelica Corporal
  •  # 5 Joanna Day
  •  #8 Azusa Masu
  •  and #9 Emmalyn Morcoso.
Congratulations girls!

To RCBC Keep up the good work!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

BUM: New Brand Ambassador Alexa Ilacad

BUM: New Brand Ambassador Alexa Ilacad 


BUM formally introduce its latest celebrity endorser Alexa Ilacad in an event held at the Sequoia Hotel in Quezon City on May 28, 2015.

The Goin’ Bulilit alumna and Luv U mainstay Alexa Ilacad expresses her happiness during the program.

“Super happy ako to be a BUM endorser kasi I can show my versatility through BUM. Sobrang astig ng mga damit nila. Kahit lagi akong pa-girly in colorful and bright outfits, favorite ko din ’yung dark colors kasi mahilig ako sa rock eh; minsan nga feeling ko rakista ako eh! With the clothes from BUM, I can enjoy and show the best of both worlds,”quips Alexa.

BUM is a clothing brand known for catering to the young segment of fashionistas, BUM keeps up with their market’s ever-evolving tastes and preferences not only by launching trendy casual garbs but by also providing them with new role models and style icons they can take cues from.

BUM has always been the brand of choice of both up-and-coming and most sought-after teen celebrities, like ABS-CBN’s Nash Aguas, Ella Cruz and Jane Oineza, and GMA-7’s Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix (who are collectively known as the “Black Army”). 

But just when you thought this in-demand style squad cannot get any better, BUM has tapped another well-loved young star, who embody the vitality and versatility of the brand.

This 15-year-old fashionista proves to be a perfect fit for the brand because she’s the adventurous type whose style can go from girly-girl to hip and rugged.

Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. Men's and women's styles blended the sensuality and expressiveness. Fashion can be a form of self-expression and a representation of one’s personality, more so for today’s teens who are brimming with youthful enthusiasm and are in the process of discovering themselves.

That said, her favorite #OOTD-worthy BUM pieces likewise vary from the colorful girly dresses to the rocker-chic hoodies and skull-print tees to the comfy and stretchable jeans—all useful in the various roles she plays as an actress, student and normal teenager.

Alexa’s first campaign shoot with BUM is for the “Black2School” collection, wherein she got to work with the brand’s other ambassadors, which include Nash, her onscreen partner and the other half of “NLex” love team.

Since it was her first time to shoot an edgy and fierce campaign, Alexa shared that Nash helped calm her nerves as he tried to make the shoot feel lighter and more fun for her. She shares, “Masaya mag-work ’pag meron kang ka-close. Si Nash, nakatulong talaga siya sa akin sa shoot kasi naging mas masaya ang first shoot ko with BUM.”

With the recent success of Nash and Alexa’s last TV show, Bagito, the NLex love team (which started in Goin' Bulilit) has gained more fans, who cannot wait until the two’s next project. In the meantime, fans can look forward to the couple tees soon to be launched by BUM, whose campaign will star this cute duo. A sneak peek of the collection of cute his-and-hers matching tops by BUM, with cool rib cage, skull and graphic prints, was seen in the brand's last "Black2School" collection; the campaign showed Nash garbed in a blue round neck statement tee that says "I Stole Her Heart" and Alexa clad in a matching pink round neck statement tee whose print reads "So I am Stealing His Heart."

It hasn’t been long since Alexa did her first BUM campaign shoot, and now she’s already looking forward to the next. While that is in the works, Alexa has taken it upon herself to give her fellow young girls a bunch of style inspirations by posting occasional #OOTDs on her Instagram account (which currently has about 272,000 followers). 

“Ang dami ko na ngang #OOTD na naka-BUM. Excited na ako i-post,” she quips. Now, girls, that’s something worth double tapping! BUM’s “Black2School” is available at BUM boutiques and leading department stores nationwide.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LUMINOUS GLUTATHIONE PATCH: A Pain Free Whitening Alternative

LUMINOUS GLUTATHIONE PATCH: A Pain Free Whitening Alternative  

Physical attractiveness is a huge selling point for women all over the world. The first thing that struck me is how much women are willing and able to make sacrifices in order to look beautiful. Imagine what women goes through in order to be fairer and beautiful. 

I was invited to a luncheon event in far away Eastwood! I hate going there because of the heat of the noon time sun and its distance from my place.

The event is about Luminous Glutathione Patch.

"Beauty is Pain" or "No Pain No Gain" is said to be not applicable with Luminous Glutathione Patch! The owner Lewis Joseph explains that you'll be wow without the ouch in no time if you use their products.

In the Philippines, Regine Tolentino.is their current endorser. She is not present during the event though.

Luminous Glutathione Patch is said to be a revolutionary and game-changing skin patch.

Allegedly you'll get five Benefits in a single patch!  Luminous Glutathione Patch allegedly has the followingl
  •  Anti-Aging
  •  Skin Whitener
  •  Detoxifier
  •  Anti Oxidant
  •  Immune Booster.

Allegedly you'll get FAIRER and LIGHTER skin in just TWO weeks of continuous usage!

I have not tried it yet, but they say that if you Buy LUMINOUS PATCH and use it, you'll experience dramatic results at only P500 per patch without the pain from glutathione injection.

You'll allegedly experience a new you within 14 days. Let's watch and see. I am willing to try this. After all experience is the best teacher. So let's wait if it is really effective. Hello, I am waiting for the samples. Ha ha ha!

Distributed by Bright Dynamics Enterprises, Las Pinas City

Online, Luminous trial pack containing 3 patches is priced at Php 1,500 with free shipping in Metro Manila. Available online: http://luminouswhitening.com/

Available at all GMA WATSONS stores and soon in different Mercury Drug outlets.

@luminou.spatch #luminouspatch #LuminousPatch

Disclaimer: We were NOT paid but were treated to a free lunch during the event. Plus, we were given a regular umbrella plus 3 pcs. of Luminous Glutathione Patch which they said we can try for 3 consecutive days. I had never used this product. All the info given above is part of the press release that can be found on the distributor's social media sites. I used the word "allegedly" and "said to be" to forewarn you that I had never tried this product.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Eyebrowdery Greenhills: Permanent Eye Liner

The Eyebrowdery Greenhills: Permanent Eye Liner

Benefits of Eyeliner Tattooing

Permanent eyeliner or eyelash enhancement helps women and men enhance the appearance of their eyes. It eliminates the need to outline eyelids with liquid liners or pencils and improves the appearance of missing, thin, or light colored lashes. Permanent eyeliner allows people to swim, shower, or exercise without having makeup smudges. It provides safety and convenience to people with oily skin, vision problems, or unsteady hands. Eye doctors (Ophthalmologists and Optometrists) also recommend permanent eyeliner to patients who wear contact lenses, have watery eyes, or are allergic to regular makeup.

Eyeliner Shape and Design

Eyeliner “frames” the eyes and can make eyelashes appear darker, fuller, or thicker. It can enhance the shape or balance (symmetry) of a person’s eyes, create the illusion of larger eyes, or affect how the spacing of the eyes is perceived. Eyeliner can also enhance or intensify eye color and make eyes appear more alluring.

Make a Wise Choice

The decision is easy. Choose the one with at least a year experience in makeup artistry. Take for example the owner of The Eyebrowdery who is very passionate about her craft. She studied overseas to master the craft. You could see the results from her client whom she made more beautiful.

Eyeliner Tattoo Techniques

Contrary to popular belief eyelash base enhancement is not only exclusive to women. This method is for men and women alike who want an extremely natural look. Pigment is tattooed only in the skin at the base of eyelashes in-between their rows. No obvious line is drawn beyond the last row of lashes. This causes the eyelash base to appear darker and fuller and frames the eye without the look of having eyeliner. Men choose this procedure to add definition to their eyes without looking like they are wearing makeup.

Upper Eyelid Eyelash Base Enhancement (with Eyeliner on Lower Eyelid)

With permanent makeup, get a good, licensed, trained practitioner. Ask to see before and after photos of other people, get references if you want. They should be very open and not pushy - in fact, really good artist will be conservative in their recommendations and want to do spot testing to see if you have any allergies.

Depending on the type of method they use, it can be easy but take a good hour, or be quick and a lot more painful - remember, needles are being used. It can hurt while it's being done but the pain goes away as soon as they pull the needle away.

Preparing for Your Procedure Appointment 

You should allow at least 3 hours for your initial procedure. If you wear contact lenses, you will not be able to wear them for 24-48 hours after your procedure. You must be fully healed after any eye surgery (e.g. LASIK) before your appointment. You must stop using any eyelash growth product (like Latisse™) at least one month prior. Additional specific preparation guidelines will be given to you when you schedule your eyeliner procedure.

At Your Procedure 

You will fill out forms including a medical history that the owner of The Eyebrowdery will review. She will evaluate your eyelid anatomy and discuss techniques and colors with you. After optimal design and color are determined, topical anesthetics will be applied to numb your eyelids. She will continue to apply anesthetics during the procedure to keep you comfortable. Before and after photos will also be taken for your confidential file with your colors recorded for future reference.

After Your Procedure 

Your eyelids will be slightly red, mildly swollen, and a little tender immediately after your procedure. This will go away within a few days. At first your eyeliner will look darker and thicker than you want, but it will lighten and soften after healing. You cannot wear mascara or eye shadow during the first week of healing and will you will applying ointments, so please keep this in mind when scheduling your procedure. You will receive detailed after care instructions in a complete kit with prescription ophthalmic products at no additional cost.

Follow-up and Maintenance Appointments 

Your eyeliner will lighten and soften after healing. Since it is always best to be conservative, if your eyeliner heals lighter or thinner than you desire, it can be darkened or thickened at your follow-up visit (second application). Ideally, your follow-up should be completed 4 to 6 weeks post procedure. Because permanent makeup can fade over time, you can schedule maintenance visits every few years to keep your color looking fresh.

For more details about their services, check out their website:

Also, don't forget to follow their social media accounts:



#TheEyebrowdery #eyebrowdery #pmcmevents

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Monday, May 11, 2015

Banana Peel Summer In The City Event

Banana Peel Summer In The City Event

You are cordially invited to Banana Peel Summer in the city event this coming May 16 & 17, 2015 at at the U.P. Town Center in Quezon City. Just purchase a minimum worth of Banana Peel products at its participating stores and get to walk into your best summer experience yet!

Hurry secure your pass now na!