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Monday, November 17, 2014

Burlington and Microban bring Best Burlington Ever in the PH

Burlington and Microban bring Best Burlington Ever in the PH

From the country’s leading manufacturer of international quality socks – Burlington Philippines –and the global leader in built-in antimicrobial product protection – Microban International –come a new product that is designed to be the Best Burlington Ever with its antimicrobial properties that protects the feet from odor causing bacteria, leaving it fresh and clean all day.

Used by over 250 companies across the globe for 20 years now, the Microban® technology is known worldwide to give long-lasting protection and fight the growth of harmful bacteria. It works by penetrating deep into the bacteria’s cell wall thus, neutralizing its abilities to develop and reproduce.

“The Best Burlington Ever with Microban® is the latest addition to our wide range of comfortable and high quality socks. It is proven to be safe, effective and durable,” said Burlington Philippines general manager Ruddy Tan. “Its antimicrobial properties guarantee a continuous and lasting protection that provides an added layer of defense against damaging bacteria.” 

“It is the perfect partner for people who enjoy strenuous sporting activities as they no longer need to worry about needing protection odor causing bacteria. With the Best Burlington Ever, their feet are treated to a comfortable, dry and odor-free experience,” he added.

With over four decades of industry expertise, Burlington Philippines is the trusted name in the men’s, ladies’ and children’s socks department. The brand takes pride in its innovative and quality products that are guaranteed to fit the need of every individual.

Friday, November 14, 2014

LISA MACUJA-ELIZALDE: Up Close and Personal

LISA MACUJA-ELIZALDE: Up Close and Personal

I feel very lucky last night because I met LisaTeresita Pacheco Macuja-Elizalde face to face for the very first time. 

Lisa was born on October 3,1964. She is a Prima Ballerina. In 1984, she became the first Filipina prima ballerina, and first foreign soloist to ever join the Kirov Ballet. In the Philippines, she is the Artistic Director of Ballet Manila and Vice-Chairman of the Philippine UNESCO National Commission. She was also the Commissioner of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women. Macuja-Elizalde is also Directress and faculty member of the Ballet Manila School – a training center for ballet professionals who are steeped in the Russian Vaganova method.



Good news! Are you a dance afficionado? A student? A lover of arts and culture? I bet just like me, you will be happy to see one of the world's most famous classical ballet and learn from the people who have danced it on the world's most famous stages. 

Are you ready to be awed by the performance of Maxim Chaschegorov and Katherina Markowskaja? 

Avail of Ballet Manila's special Swan Lake tickets with 30% discount for friends like you:
Discount Code : WVBM2014

Steps on
 how to get your 30% discount:
  • Visit: www.ticketworld.com.ph/Online/swanlake
  • Click "buy" on either: November 15 or 16.
  • Under the "Promotional Code" type: WVBM2014 and click "Submit Code". 
  • A pop-up message will appear that your code has been accepted, click "ok".
Point and click your mouse on top of the seats that you want to purchase. Select the discounted price type (with the star). Then add your seats to your shopping cart.

You can also avail of Ballet Manila's special meet and greet and Q & A with Bavarian State Ballet guest artists and Artistic Director Lisa Macuja Elizalde. Your discounted tickets entitles you to a performance on Nov. 15, 7:30pm, meet and greet after and a performance on Nov. 16, 3:00pm, Q&A after. 

Call them at (02)525-5967 or (02)552-7502 to reserve your space and tickets! 

#swanlakeinmanila #meetandgreet #QandA #teamwhiteswan #teamblackswan

Swan Lake in Manila promises a fabulous show! Get your tickets now! 

Ticketworld.com.ph or 891-9999.

Friday, October 24, 2014

PRIVA Feminine Wash

PRIVA Feminine Wash
Priva Feminine Wash is a new product from Unilab, one of the most trusted manufacturers of health products in the Philippines.

As women, we often talk about beauty. But more often than not, you and I tend to put more weight on outside appearance than the importance of feminine hygiene.

If you are in denial, then let me ask you this question: Do you really know the importance of your overall well-being? 

I know, just like my friends and more often times than not, you always end up buying cosmetic products for your skin and expensive shampoo and conditioner for your hair, but have you realized that being meticulous about your outer appearance does not really make you healthy if you don't know the importance of proper feminine hygiene?

Many mothers teach their daughters early on to wash their genital (vaginal area) at least twice a day with soap and water. Many obedient daughters follow their mother’s advise. Unfortunately, regular use of soap (which is alkali-based) in private parts disturbs the vaginal acid-alkaline balance.

Vaginal acid medium not only kills the bacteria’s fungi and virus but also blocks the way of harmful bacteria and  viruses.  It permits only sperms inside the uterus. If, for some reasons, vaginal environment becomes alkaline then the number of lactic acid bacillus diminishes and microbes fill up the space. This state is called “dysbacteriosis.” Main symptom of dysbacteriosis is fish-like odor or abundant discharge from vagina. In this condition doctor’s consultation is a must. Dysbacteriosis leads to infection, inflammation, itching, redness in private parts and chances of sexually transmitted disease and in some cases this can lead to ” Cervical Cancer.” Abnormal vaginal acid-alkali balance is an enemy of female sexual health. 

The frequent cause of abnormal vaginal acid alkali balance is excessive usage of different forms of soaps, which gets into vagina. This can be avoided if you use Priva Feminine Wash on your intimate private parts.

While it's best to consult a gynecologist as to the maintenance of pH balance, taking preventative measures in one's day-to-day life considerably reduces the incidence and severity of consequences. Good vulvar (labia, clitoris and vagina) care, for instance, appreciably reduces the risk of infection. This involves preventing the spread of bacteria from the anal area to the vulva, keeping the area around it dry and exposed to air, and avoiding irritating soaps and fabric softeners.

I am glad that Unilab came up with a Ph balance feminine wash that does not only protects feminine hygiene but also makes your skin down under fairer which distinguishes it from all the other femine hygiene brands in the market.  I love the menthol cool feeling each time I use Priva feminine wash.

Priva is available at all leading drugstores and supermarket nationwide.

For more details and to learn more about other Trusted Quality Healthcare products, 
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

UNIQLO: Opens 17th Store at Power Plant Mall

UNIQLO: Opens 17th Store at Power Plant Mall

Uniqlo Let Kids be Kids!

Japan's leading clothing store Uniqlo will open its 17th branch at the Power Plant Mall in the Philippines this coming October 24, 2014.

UNIQLO Kids, now expanded in UNIQLO stores! UNIQLO, your LifeWear

Uniqlo Power Plant Mall as well as other Uniqlo stores nationwide will carry Uniqlo Kids and Babies expanded collection for the 2014 Fall/ Winter Season.  Uniqlo Philippines COO, Mr. Katsumi Kubota, announced that the new lineup centered on 5 ideas that was incorporated in the design of the kids and babies clothes, they are the following:
  • freedom of movement
  • comfort
  • easier removal
  • fun designs
  • safety features to promote kids' growth and health
Its baby clothes clear global OEKE-TEX criteria and are made with the care label on the outside to avoid coming into contact with the baby’s sensitive skin. 

Kids’ clothing offer numerous features that gently protect them, including a tag for your child’s name and address, SAFETY REFLECTORS FOR NIGHT TIME and zipper guards to avoid scratching the face.

This is how Uniqlo wants your kids clothes to be. Its clothes give kids the comfort and protection as they play and enjoy life! Uniqlo is known for being an innovator worldwide for its apparel design and comfort.  

Now, a visit at UNIQLO is truly a family affair!

On Oct 24, be sure to drop by UNIQLO Power Plant Mall to get big discounts on warm and stylish clothes!

UNIQLO Power Plant Mall
Level 2, Power Plant Mall
Open from:10 AM to 10 PM on weekends
                  10 AM to 9 PM on weekdays

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Follow Uniqlo on Twitter: Twitter.com/UniqloPH
Follow Uniqlo on Instagram: Instagram.com/UniqloPhOfficial

Monday, October 20, 2014



Get a glimpse of what's hot on October 24, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at SMX's Forever 21's participation at Philippine fashion week

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pinays Top Five Whitening Products Must Have

Pinays Top Five Whitening Products Must Have

Listed below are what I perceived as Pinays top whitening products must have. This is my personal opinion, what is good for me does not necessarily mean that is good for you.

Ay, aminin mo kabagang huwag mag deny! Di ba? Every Pinay and Pinoy you know wanted to have a fair skin, right? Pati si Aling Bebang na nakatira sa may kanto ay nagpapantasya din pumuti balang araw.  Kaya don't wonder anymore that a lot of whitening products are being used by many Filipino for their skin care routine, be it a woman or man.

On that note, I want to share a list of what I think is the top 5 whitening products every Pinay/Pinoy must have and some product recommendations as well.


Picking the most effective whitening soap can be tricky since there's so many different brands of whitening soap products in the market.  Sige aaminin ko na since a lot of my favorite stars are BELO beauties,  I decided to buy one (1) pc of Belo Intensive Whitening Bar Soap with Kojic Acid+ Tranexamic Acid, which cost me Php59.75 at Watsons the other day.  I just started using it yesterday so please wait for at least a month for my review so you could see the difference from my before and after picture.  I hope it is really effective.  


A sunblock is a must-have. Sorry sa mga nag mamarunong dyan, kinakailangan talaga ng lahat ang protekyon ito.  Hindi po ito for the sake of vanity lang. Kung ayaw mong mamula ang face mo na parang pakwan. Please make sure that your skin is protected from the heat of the sun rays that causes the skin to go dark everyday kahit nasa loob ka ng air-con mong kotse o bahay/ opisina.  In English, whether you’re inside the house or outdoors, you must always wear a sunblock. Remember that your sunblock should have at least SPF35.
Face Cream, Toner, and Cleanser

When using a whitening product, you should not just focus on the body area dear.  You must also include your face. You don’t want to end up with a fair complexion on your body area but with a darker face complexion or vice versa, right? Use a face cream, cleanser, and toner with whitening properties to even out your skin from head to toe.  


Of course, every Jane and John I know had already tried and tested numerous whitening lotions in the market.  As in, pinakyaw na nila ang lahat ng lotion mula sa munting tindahan ni Aling Helen.  

Priva Intimate Wash
The last but not the least on my whitening must have list is Priva Intimate Feminine Wash. Maloloka ang mga asawa ninyo Chong kasi I’m sure hindi ninyo ini expect ang isang feminine wash ay makakapagpapaputi pala. Right?
Priva Intimate Wash by pH-care can lighten the sensitive and intimate parts of every female’s body. Priva is formulated with Glutathione that helps to lighten the dark skin on our intimate areas. It also has a very feminine scent that stays all day and gives a cooling sensation during and after every usage. 

So if you want to have a fair skin down under, to even out your whole body complexion then use Priva Feminine Wash it only cost Php119 at Watsons. 

Priva is a quality product of Unilab and it is available in all leading drugstores and department stores nationwide.